Workshop & servicing

We’ll keep your bike running like new

Workshop & Servicing

One of the reasons why we consider ourselves to be AT THE HEART OF CYCLING IN OXFORD is that our workshop helps to keep the wheels turning on so many Oxford bikes. We had a very experienced ex-professional road cyclist living and working in Oxford until a couple of years ago. It was his opinion that Bike Zone had the best cycle mechanic in Oxford (and that mechanic is still with us!). That doesn’t mean that we’re snobbish about bikes. We do have the expertise (and parts) to repair and upgrade high-end bikes, but our workshop charges are very reasonable and a good proportion of the bikes that come through our workshop are basic cheap student bikes where keeping the cost down is top priority for the customer. BE WARNED THOUGH – we may refuse to work on a bike that we think is in an unsafe condition or if the set-up is illegal.

Booking a repair

BOOKING BIKES IN FOR REPAIR. Lack of storage space in the shop means that we need to operate a bit differently to other local bike shops. We haven’t got space to hold onto customers’ bikes for days (or weeks) on end, so we try to get as many as possible through the same day or next day. In term time there is often a 9am queue of customers wanting to get their bikes fixed that day. Once that day’s bikes have been picked up (usually between 4 and 5pm) we start taking in bikes for repair the next day. People who turn up with their bikes late in the morning are often asked to come back at another time. If that’s too inconvenient, once we’ve had a look at the job we allow customers to pre-book a time slot and drop off their bike at the agreed time for collection later that day or the next day. If we need to order some special parts for a bike we may take the customer’s number and ask them to bring the bike back later once the parts have come in.


Bike Zone is well-known for keeping a huge range of parts & accessories in stock – from everyday basic stuff to state of the art high tec components – we have probably got it or will know where to source it.

We have a ridiculously large choice of bicycle bells and cycling caps, and plenty of choice in more crucial areas such as lights, locks, helmets, maintenance products, bags & baskets, saddles, tools, mudguards, racks, pumps, grips & bar tape, energy & hydration products. We also keep in stock spare parts for a vast range of different types of bike.