Essential year-round cycle maintenance

Most bikes don’t need a huge amount of maintenance unless they’re being used in extreme conditions or are clocking up high mileage.

The no. 1 regular job for all cyclists is to keep the tyre pressure topped up. That makes the bike easier to ride and reduces the chances of picking up a puncture. The recommended tyre pressure should be written on the side wall of the tyre, and if you’re struggling to pump the tyres up with your home hand pump, just stop by Bike Zone and borrow one of our solid steel floor pumps to get the job done.

The next most important job is lubrication of exposed moving parts – especially the chain. It is better to avoid leaving your bike outside in all weathers, but even bikes that are kept indoors will need to see some chain lube occasionally – especially through the winter. It is a good idea to check your bike regularly to see if anything is working loose. One way of doing this easily is to lift the bike off the ground slightly and drop it, listening for anything that rattles or doesn’t sound right.

If you’re not confident doing that but have concerns about your bike, pop into Bike Zone. If the shop is not too busy the staff there are usually more than happy to give your bike a look-over.